Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If You Value Your Life, WAIT for The Traffic Light To Turn At This Kingstowne Intersection

Police Release Name of Woman Killed in Crash - Kingstowne, VA Patch

I have often remarked to others riding with me in the car, when waiting to turn onto Kingstowne Village Parkway from Kingstowne Boulevard as depicted at the intersection pictured at left, that somebody was going to get killed one of these days trying to do so. If you're in the left turning lane, you are almost perfectly lined up with the left turning lane coming from the opposite direction on Kingstowne Boulebard, and (if you're attempting the turn) therefore unable to see cars that are continuing straight through the intersection until it's almost too late. And it was, unfortunately, too late for this poor woman this past weekend. Hit the link, see what's left of the car that was hit, and then vow NOT to take any future chances at this risky intersection.